«L'architecture est un mélange de nostalgie et d'anticipation extrême ». Jean Baudrillard

Development of an attic

House F. in Cabrières d’Avignon (84, 2013)

Before ... this was an attic ... busy.
Like an old dusty rooftop, filled with so many souvenirs.
And forgotten childhoods.
On the white brickwalls,
Where piles of stuff were growing up, boxes and suitcases,
Clothes that were not used anymore and forgotten books.

Then ... a trick maybe
It finally came out...
A zen room, a place to write
A huge one, vintage, stunning for well behaved childrens
An ocean inspired bathroom ...
Maple and ash blond, sweetness of the waxed concrete
Shinning lights, blooming or diffused
Those books again, nice and shiny

Photos by Catherine Gardone