«L'architecture est un mélange de nostalgie et d'anticipation extrême ». Jean Baudrillard

University of Aix-Marseille, Site Montperrin

Montperrin site, Aix en Provence

In an angle of the vast parking place of the University of Montperrin, where the law Faculty and Economy and Sciences are.
Those modulars structures offers space for new classrooms, on both sides of an "open street", with easy access to all the rooms, ending in a bamboo alley.
Vivid colors are facing each others, like a bouquet, red,orange, iris blue, sweet greens and yellow, contrasting with the green of the cypresses, creating some shadows under a burning sky.
Aerial architectures, those boxes are on the ground, reversible (the principle of the modular system itself).

Architects : Mireille Plat and Pierre Garnier

Photos by Catherine Gardone