«L'architecture est un mélange de nostalgie et d'anticipation extrême ». Jean Baudrillard

University of Aix-Marseille, Site Beauviche

Beauviche site - Aix en Provence

The Law faculty ont the Schuman site in Aix en Provence is an institution, sheltered in the huge et prestigious architecture of Fernand Pouillon.
On the downside of this monumental and symbolic ensemble, on a very small land, behind a rose garden and and old and tortured plane tree.
A small modular building on three levels offers several new classrooms.
Almsot a cube. Dressed with panels of woods, creating a showcase of woods and shadows, to hide from the sunrays.
The blond wood are a reminder of the warm tints of the Rognes stone, trademark of the architecture of Pouillon.
Metallic gateways are deserving the upper floors.

Architects : Mireille Plat and Pierre Garnier

Photos by Catherine Gardone